We offer a wide range of services that includes top level branding, promotional print design, menu design, on-site graphics, video production/content generation and online (web, social media and email marketing) design and management. We also provide a start-up service package for new businesses looking to launch or in the final stages of fund-raising. For a full list of services, and more information about each service area, please click here.


An an integrated agency, we provide end-to-end solutions which meet your commercial needs and operational requirements. Whether it’s creating a logo, refining an existing brand to reflect a more targetted proposition, advertising and promoting your business or simply creating and updating your on-site communications, we take a holistic approach that delivers results and benefits your bottom line.

Santa Marta - named after the patron saint of hoteliers, inn-keepers and cooks - is a specialist design and production agency that works with hotels, bars and restaurants as well as companies operating in the food and beverage sectors.


Amy Ma
Dominique Ansel

"Johan and his team know how to properly balance aesthetics and innovation with usability and ease for our guests. They are incredibly responsive, on time, and have been wonderful partners for us in our sites in London, New York, and LA."