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We encourage our clients to consider their promotional messaging as campaigns, rather than individual deliverables. There have always been multiple potential vehicles for your communications be it posters, print ads, flyers, etc. These days restaurants and hotels also have to consider their social media strategy and it makes sense to fold any on-going communications into your social media plan. In fact, it would be crazy not to take full advantage of all media to get the news of your latest offer out there!

For a while it seemed that restaurants have two distinct teams: the design team, who take care of creative communications, and a PR team, who look after online and offline messaging, doing their best with pre-made graphics, refitted for social media purposes. The results were often lacklustre with social media posts not reflecting the quality of the original artwork. Recently, however, we've had some great success working alongside our clients' PR companies to provide graphics specifically suited to the media at hand, making sure our clients have an online look and feel which lives up to all their other creative. In fact, using fun animations and quirky graphics we can often create high impact graphics that build on the print versions and take on even more personality as we embrace some of the options afforded by social media.

A recent campaign, produced for London restaurant Eight Over Eight to promote their bottomless dumplings offer has had over 330 views in 5 days. That's 30% more views than their next most popular video which was posted over a year ago, for the sake of comparison.

Contact us today to see how we can help you bring your best aesthetic to your social media campaign so you can harness the power of social media messaging.

Animated gif for instagram
Eight over Eight Bottomless Dumplings Campaign

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