It's valentine's soon!

We're working with our clients right now to promote their Valentine's Day offerings so if you haven't sent us your brief yet, you haven't got much longer left!

Valentine's is a huge opportunity for restaurants to jump-start their business after the inevitable slow start to the year. It's well documented that consumers spend lavishly on Valentine's Day and for some restaurants it's their chance to bring a new audience into their establishment - people who might not usually casually frequent a high-end restaurant might do so as a treat to their loved ones.

The competition is stiff though and restaurants who aren't offering a Valentine's 'package' could be missing out. Bundling is a great way to create a sense of value-add at a relatively low cost.

Another trend to note: Valentine's is increasingly open to non-couples. Yes, it's a romantic holiday but let's not forget that singles and friends like to get together on Valentine's too so if your restaurant isn't a naturally romantic spot, maybe you should consider offering an 'anti-valentines' Valentine's package which focuses on fun that friends can have together instead?

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