shake off the cobwebs... spring is here (almost)

We all know that the first few months of the year are a drag: everyone is broke from Christmas, still hung-over from New Years, desperately trying to get back into shape and most probably abstaining from alcohol in the hopes of some sort of physical redemption in the form of a detox. None of this is particularly good for business.

So, its March now and at least in London the sun is shining. Spring officially begins March 10th and brings with it a wave of opportunities for offers, promotions and special events.

There are four bank holidays in the spring, including Good Friday and Easter - Is your business geared up to make the most of these with value-add bundles, enticing offers or innovative concepts?

We've begun working on posters for SpringFest and KidsFest in Dubai, as well as email marketing for Easter offers for our UK hotel clients who have enough outdoor space to get the kids involved with easter egg hunts and other fun activities.

Don't let the season pass you by - talk to us about your strategy for making the most of the upcoming months and let's get to work on promoting your best ideas.

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